“Miracle Cure”, says Chris Evans

“Miracle Cure”, says Chris Evans

Chris Evans reveals son Eli, 7, underwent ‘miracle’ treatment after his retained reflexes left him unable to read and write… and says he’s since been diagnosed with the same condition!

Popular TV and Radio Celebrity Chris Evans recently revealed how he discovered a ‘miracle treatment’ which helped his son, Eli, overcome his inability to read and write


Babies are born with ‘primitive’ reflexes, designed to help them get used to the world, but these generally fade away within the first year of life. However, sometimes the brain doesn’t correctly discard these reflexes – this is referred to as ‘retained reflexes’

After discovering his son’s learning difficulties were down to the condition his wife took Eli to a clinic which specialises in child development where he practised a series of appropriate ten-minute exercises. Following this he was able to do simple things that had eluded him previously such as “joined up writing” and “reading books for fun”.

Chris hails the clinic’s drug-free treatments as “as big as a cure for cancer” .

It is no longer a requirement to travel to London for this treatment. 

Tackling the underlying causes of learning & behavioural difficulties through drug-free therapy programmes is available in Northern Ireland on our practice, Make Learning Easy, with resident expert Carmel Mullan.

Most of the children Carmel treats are underperforming relative to how smart they are, making them frustrated and anxious while undermining their self-confidence. Some may have been labelled as Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, ADHD, ASD or as having Delayed Speech and Language. Our clinic’s therapies not only make it easier for them to get good school results, they also improve mental health resilience, so they are better able to cope with life and to have good friendships.

Our therapies include neurodevelopmental exercise programmes to help inhibit retained reflexes, customised auditory therapy to help sharpen the speed and accuracy of hearing and  bi-lateral integration therapy to enhance the brain’s performance.

Carmel explains: “We are thrilled to hear how well Eli is doing, as it represents a fundamentally positive outcome for the Evans family. I have seen the same thing so often in local children, so  it’s great to see this work getting wider press. I am always keen to look for the underlying problems which avoids the frustration children experience if they are mis-diagnosed and given a treatment regime entirely unsuited to solve their true problem. It is possible to unlock children’s true potential by providing the right ‘key’ for change.”


Speaking on Virgin radio last year Chris said: “Key neuro movement therapy uses simple, precise exercises to inhibit the primitive reflexes, overcoming blockages, creating new neural pathways in the brain by maturing the nervous system and changes the neuroplasticity of our brain.

“And, of course, the longer these reflexes remain locked, the more hard-wired our neuroplasticity becomes and the more it becomes an accepted a normal state when it really, really isn’t.

“And this is revolutionary.”

Evans said it was miraculous how far Eli had come after starting the exercises, to which Carmel wholeheartedly agrees.

Evans said he and his 11-year-old son, Noah, had since discovered they also had some retained reflexes!

He continued: “But the point is, Eli, you know, he’s not sorted, but he’s getting sorted.

“I mean, it’s like a miracle. It’s like a blooming miracle. It’s unbelievable.”


If you feel your child may have been mis-diagnosed like Eli, why not get in touch, and it may be Carmel’s expertise is the key to unlock your child’s true potential.