Diagnosing ADHD in Ballymena

Get in touch with BA Cert Ed. Psych NDT INPP JST for the diagnosis and treatment of ADD and ADHD. We treat children and adults in Northern Ireland, including Belfast, Ballymena, Coleraine, Cookstown, Magherafelt and Enniskillen.

Get Your Loving Child Back

If your child has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, known as ADHD or simply attention deficit disorder (ADD), it can seem like the loving child you had is gone. They can be frustrated and angry, prone to outbursts and unable to concentrate.

It’s important to recognise that this isn’t your child’s fault or yours. It can result from retained primitive reflexes, vestibular problems and/or sound issues. We can correct these problems and you’ll notice a change in your child.

Put the medication away

Too many children diagnosed with ADHD are prescribed medicine. This can add some control over the symptoms, but doesn’t correct the problem. We can help reduce the effects of ADHD and ADD without the need for medication. Sound therapy can correct their sensory perception, removing their frustration and allowing them to interact with their world again.

Reducing ADHD at the primal level

Carmel Mullan BA Cert Ed Psych NDT INPP JST is a pioneer at treating ADHD at the primary source. This means diagnosing the problem at the primary source and then removing it. We’re making a real impact on family lives.

If your child is hyperactive, or has difficulty concentrating, it could also be a symptom of APD (Auditory Processing Disorder).

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