Asperger’s syndrome treatment in Ballymena

For the diagnosis and treatment of Asperger’s syndrome, get in touch with Carmel Mullan BA Cert Ed. Psych NDT INPP JST.

What is Asperger’s ?

Asperger’s syndrome is a form of autism that affects both children and adults. It has an impact on at least three areas: social communication, social interaction and social imagination. People with Asperger’s have difficulty recognising social signs that others take for granted.

Asperger’s doesn’t have to be a lifelong condition. Many people with Asperger’s suffer deep insecurities and their senses need to be normalised. Carmel Mullan BA Cert Ed Psych NDT INPP JST uses proven methods that work for treating those on the autistic spectrum.

Simple and effective treatment

Our treatments vary depending upon the severity of the condition. They are all medicine free. The results can be spectacular.

If you or your child has an autistic disorder, it can have a huge effect on confidence. We can help you regain that confidence.

Gain life confidence

Carmel Mullan BA Cert Ed Psych NDT INPP JST is happy to give advice over the telephone. If you think that you or a relative has Asperger’s or a learning disability, call us.

You will see the improvements in social recognition. It will provide a huge boost to your quality of life.

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