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Get in touch with Carmel Mullan BA Cert Ed. Psych NDT INPP JST to treat auditory processing disorders in Northern Ireland, including Belfast, Ballymena, Coleraine, Cookstown, Magherafelt and Enniskillen.

Help Your Child Hear and Understand Their World

Auditory processing disorder, or APD, is a hearing impediment that affects the ability to differentiate between certain sounds and pitches. It can affect speech and learning. Mixed laterality can cause auditory processing disorder, thereby affecting a child’s confidence, co-ordination and ability to listen effectively.

The innovative treatment given by Carmel Mullan BA Cert Ed Psych NDT INPP JST can reduce the effects of APD, allowing your child to interact fully with their world.

How APD occurs

Auditory processing disorders may result from the retention of reflexes that usually disappear in infancy or from a person suffering from ear infections at the crucial time (0 – 3 years) when the ears should be ‘fine tuning’ themselves to the language that they are exposed to. People may become ‘left eared’, causing a delay of milliseconds in sounds reaching the main auditory cortex. We can balance this out.

Johansen sound therapy

We are able to diagnose your child and establish which pitches they have difficulty hearing. We then send the details to experts in Copenhagen who create a CD tailor made specifically to your child’s hearing curve to correct their pitch and tone discrimination. The results are phenomenal. Carmel Mullan BA Cert Ed Psych NDT INPP JST is a trained Johansen sound therapist. This allows her to work with the world’s leading experts on APD.

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